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Who is this Jon Puryear and what are his qualifications?

How do I take this class and can I host an onsite/recorded class at my location?

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This class was originally developed and taught in 2003 by Jon Puryear to existing Texas Paramedics wishing to obtain their NREMT and they requested a review before taking the written examination.  Out of 72 Paramedics, 69 of them passed the first attempt and the others passed their retests.  From that class and word of mouth, Jon began performing this 16 hour NREMT Prep Class all over the Nation.  With current IT technology, he recorded this class and made it available for anyone to take it from any device with internet access. 

Many Initial EMS Programs/Colleges host this two day class for their students/employees just before they attempt the NREMT written examination.  The Program Coordinators utilize Jon as their "closer" to review the curriculum as another tool for their students to increase their success rate.  Thousands of individuals have taken this class to help them pass the NREMT.

Jon Puryear EMS CE, LLC / NREMT Prep

There are several onsite live classes over the Nation that you may attend if you learn better in person.  However if you can't travel or attend a live onsite class, it is available in recorded format online.  It is the same class as the live onsite class in video lecture format showing the PowerPoint slides, pictures, and Jon teaching the material.  You are able to print the class handout prior to beginning the lectures following along just as you are attending an onsite class.  With the recorded class, you have 7 days to access and watch the recorded lectures as many times as you like from one Internet Provider (IP) address.  It is a single purchaser license agreement and may not be shared with multiple users or shown in a group setting.  There are group packages available if a Program/Agency would like to broadcast this into their training room to a group of individuals.  Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a group broadcast or host an onsite class.

If you would like to take this class, check the calendar of live classes to see if you can attend a live onsite class. The Onsite Paramedic NREMT Prep is now 18 hours taught from 0800-1800 and the EMT version is 16 hours taught from 0800-1700.  If you would like to host a class at your Agency, complete the contact us form.  If you can't and you would like to take this class immediately in recorded format online, please register now at

Jon's career in EMS began in 1983 at 17 years old becoming a volunteer on the Everman Volunteer Ambulance.  He went to a CPR class, First Aid class, then became an Emergency Care Attendant, and Emergency Medical Technician, Intermediate (Advanced EMT), and finally a Paramedic.  He received his NREMT Paramedic in 1998 before it was required and Transitioned to NRP.  He began teaching in 1987 and has an extensive career as an Educator for EMT, Advanced, and Paramedic School being faculty at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Dallas and Tarrant County College.  He worked for 12 years at MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth Texas as a Paramedic/FTO, 6 years at CareFlite in Texas as a Clinical Coordinator & Educator, and 5 years as the Assistant to the Medical Director for Dr. Griswell managing the Emergency Physicians Advisory Board Office of the Medical Director for MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth Texas. Jon is a Fire Commissioner for the Johnson County ESD 1, a Board Member of the Chisholm Trail 100 Club, and a member of the Johnson County Sheriffs Posse (which is all voluntary).

Jon developed and began teaching the 16 hour NREMT Prep Class/Review in 2003 and has taught over 10K individuals world wide.  He is a national speaker/presenter speaking at Regional/State/National Conferences including JEMS Today, EMS Expo, Texas State EMS Conference, TRAC Conferences, and Trauma Symposiums.  Jon has published articles, participated in several studies, and has been contracted to teach specialty classes (EKG Interpretation, 12 Lead EKG Interpretation, Capnography, EMS CE Extravaganzas).  He has also performed key note motivational presentations for Chamber of Commerce Award Ceremonies and Graduation Ceremonies.

His company Jon Puryear EMS CE, LLC at offers many online recorded CE classes and refresher packages, as well as online live streaming CE classes and Refreshers.  They include a 16 hour NREMT Review, 24 hour EMT Refresher, and a 48 hour Paramedic Refresher.  The NREMT recognizes these live streaming classes as F5 category CEs which are accepted hour for hour and not considered "distance learning" limited to only so many hours.  If you have failed the NREMT written exam three times and need a Refresher to be awarded an additional three attempts, you may visit and register for one of his monthly live online streaming refreshers.

On his Facebook page and has many positive testimonies about how he has helped them understand the material and have contributed to their success passing the NREMT written exam and helping them be a better Medic to their employees.  Program Coordinators of Initial EMS Programs have also provided positive testimonies about his teaching abilities and utilize him as their "closer" to review their class before their students take their NREMT written examination.  The Facebook page is Jon Puryear EMS CE.

What is this class about and why was it developed?

This class is a review class beginning with Legal Aspects in EMS and ending with Pediatrics.  Jon performs lectures utilizing PowerPoint slides, pictures, and teaching aides with current green screen technology (like a meteorologist).  He teaches the material in practical and simple ways comparing the normal body processes to everyday things helping the student to understand and "get it". He refers to using the KISP principle (Keep It Simple Puryear) and after he helps you understand the normal, then it is really easy to identify the abnormal, and then how to get the body back to normal.  He also teaches a little bit of test taking tools but mainly focuses on the material.  This is not a "test prep" website but instead a knowledge base class.

Many people have been successful in passing their NREMT written exam after taking this class. Many testimonials have been sent to Jon stating how this class has helped them understand the material, pass the written examination, and be a better confident Medic. Join his Facebook page to read them.

This Online Recorded Prep Class does not award continuing education hours after completion.  if you want to take this class for 16 hours of Texas DSHS CE credits, you must go to and register for the class that does offer 16 Texas CE hours.  It allows for multiple IP addresses, multiple devices, and doesn't expire until you complete the entire course.  It issues individual CE credits for each lecture equaling 16 hours.