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Your questions are very important for me to answer.  I will respond to you within 24 business hours with the best answer I know. 

To my students, if you have a question at anytime during the time you are taking my online recorded class, please complete a Contact us form so that I may answer your questions.  I am committed to answering your questions so that you understand the information.

Emailing is the best means of communicating with me because I am usually teaching live online or onsite classes and can't answer the phone.  So email me and I will reply to the emails during break or after I am completed lecturing.  Calling me, just being honest, be ready for the answering machine to pick it up and you leave a message to leave me a message that I will check at the end of my day which is 1800 CST.  So it is better to communicate with me by email and this contact us form because I will respond to it the quickest.

Thank you!

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