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This class will teach the material in a practical manner comparing the body processes to everyday things so you actually learn the material instead of memorizing it.

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Many Initial EMS Programs, Agencies, and Departments host this class for their students/employees.  Jon is referred as a "closer" and an important tool for your students/employees to increase success.  

I don't believe that you chose to be a Medic.  Why would you choose to do this? You will see things that no other person should see!  I truly believe that this profession chose YOU!  I don't believe that you chose your destiny but instead I believe that it chose you.  This is a "calling" of a Higher Power that gave you a purpose in life to care for your fellow mankind.  I don't want you to fear the NREMT written exam.  Let me teach you the information in a manner that you can understand it, feel confident, and know that you just "get it".

I am passionate about education and helping people understand this material.  Every individual that takes my class is important to me.  It is my honor and privilege to have a small part in your success and the care you provide your patients. Let me know how I can help you.


Jon Puryear - Owner/Educator NRP, ACS.




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Feel confident before you take the NREMT written exam with this review!


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What is this about? 


This is a lecture formatted class taught by Jon Puryear beginning with Legal and ending with Pediatrics teaching you the "how's" and "why's" so you actually understand the material.


Jon performed a presentation to help individuals take a written exam and it is designed to assist you with any exam.  This is a free presentation!  The 16 hour NREMT Prep are lectures to teach the knowledge of the material from Operations through Pediatrics.  We hope you take this course.

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